Tested by independent laboratories across the country, Zylast™ is truly a revolution in hand hygiene. After testing the product, researchers at Pace University concluded, "No comparable product is capable of providing the degree of the long term protection exhibited by the Zylast® hand sanitizers."

Zylast Products

AntisepticThe Antiseptic is alcohol-based and compliant with CDC recommendations for hospitals, but provides persistent protection for six hours without skin irritation, as proved by independent lab testing.  The Antiseptic is recommended for hospitals and offers a substantial improvement over standard, alcohol-based sanitizers by adding persistence, reducing skin irritation, and saving money.

Antiseptic Lotion: Water-based and formulated with high-end emollients and skin-care products, the Antiseptic Lotion feels luxurious on the skin while providing rapid, broad-spectrum kill and persistent protection from germs.  The Antiseptic Lotion is an ideal product for schools, long-term care facilities, hospitals, cruise ships, businesses, and for around the house, providing protection without the downsides of alcohol-based products.

Foaming Hand Soap:  The soap is built around patented Zylast technology, not only killing on contact but providing persistent protection for six hours, without the harsh feel of many soaps or the health risks of Triclosan-based products.  It is used in bathrooms, at sinks, and in many food-preparation areas.

Surgical ScrubThe surgical scrub is persistent for six hours, exceeds FDA requirements for a surgical scrub, and protects surgeons, staff and patients in the operating room. 

Dispensers:  All Zylast products are available in sleek, convenient, and ADA-approved dispensers. These come in manual and automatic, and can be wall-mounted or put on a movable stand. Dispensers are calibrated for the perfect shot size for Zylast, saving customers money." We can add the above picture of the manual and auto dispenser next to that one.

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