Tested by independent laboratories across the country, Zylast™ is truly a revolution in hand hygiene. After testing the product, researchers at Pace University concluded, "No comparable product is capable of providing the degree of the long term protection exhibited by the Zylast® hand sanitizers."

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes Zylast XP™ products a "revolution in hand hygiene?"

The Zylast XP™ products are all formulated to: 1) provide a broad spectrum, rapid kill of germs that can cause disease 2) be persistent for six hours and 3) reduce skin irritation.  Zylast is the only complete line of antimicrobial products on the market, and will even save you money over traditional sanitizers!

Why use Zylast XP™ vs. traditional, alcohol-based products?

Alcohol-based sanitizers only kill germs until they dry –about 15 seconds.  After that, hands can immediately become re-contaminated.  Zylast™ products have been shown in testing to offer both immediate and persistent protection from germs. 

Why does Zylast XP™ leave hands feeling much healthier than alcohol-based products?

The patented formula in all Zylast™ products reduces irritation, even with our alcohol-based sanitizer.  In a dermal irritation study where volunteers used the sanitizer ten times a day for five days, no irritation was reported.  Of course, the Sanitizing Lotion moisturizes hands and leaves them feeling soft and healthy, and the Foaming Hand Soap leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean.

Can I use Zylast multiple times per day?

Yes. The label for all Zylast™ products states “recommended for repeated use."

Why are there concerns about alcohol-based sanitizers in schools?

There are several major concerns about alcohol-based sanitizers in schools. These products contain more than 60% alcohol, which is highly flammable and has strict storage requirements. In schools, there have been many cases of children drinking the hand sanitizer, either accidentally or on purpose, which is extremely dangerous and often results in trips to the emergency room. In California alone, 2010 saw 2,600 cases of children drinking hand sanitizer. Students have also vandalized dispensers to light the alcohol on fire. For these reasons, many school districts are switching from alcohol-based products and required water-based sanitizers, like the Zylast Antimicrobial Lotion.

How do Zylast XP™ products compare in price to traditional sanitizers?

Zylast™ is designed to not only protect your hands, but protect your wallet as well. Because of the unique, powerful formula, less Zylast™ is needed to cover the hands and keep you safe than traditional sanitizers. A bottle of Zylast will last between 2.5 and 5 times longer than a similar bottle of Purell, leading to big savings for customers.

Does using Zylast XP™ Sanitizing Lotion reduce the chance of my child getting sick at school?

Yes. Studies have shown that using a lotion like Zylast™ in elementary schools reduced the number of sick-days for students by 41.9% over handwashing alone! And that’s more than twice as effective as a similar study conducted with alcohol sanitizers. Children touch their face on average of once every three minutes – they need the persistent protection that Zylast™ offers.

Does the Zylast XP™ line of products kill any viruses?

Yes. Most alcohol-based sanitizers do not have a high rate of kill against viruses. Research has shown that it is actually more effective to just rinse your hands with plain water than use alcohol sanitizers against Norovirus, the leading cause of the stomach flu.

The Zylast™ Hand Sanitizer has been shown to kill greater than 99% of rhinovirus, the virus that causes the common cold, and 99.9% of rotavirus. The Zylast™ Sanitizer was also shown to kill greater than 99.99% of the H1N1 Swine Flu virus and 99.97% of the Norovirus, more than 100 times as effective as alcohol alone..

Why is Zylast XP™ the only complete line of sanitizing products on the market?

The revolutionary Zylast™ formula that extends protection and reduces irritation is able to be transferred into any type of product. It’s at the heart of our Sanitizer, Sanitizing Lotion, Foaming Hand Cleanser, Antimicrobial Wipes, and many other products that are in development.

Where can I purchase Zylast products?

Our products can be purchased for retail consumers on a website called  For organizations, please contact our office and we will be more than happy to work to meet your needs.

What are people who switch to Zylast™ saying about it?

“No comparable product is capable of providing the degree of the long term protection exhibited by the Zylast™® hand sanitizers.” 
- Haskins Lab, Pace University

“I love having the Zylast™ Sanitizing Lotion in my classroom. It protects against germs, it’s not alcohol-based, and my kids actually like using it”
- Aliza A., Schoolteacher

“We have been using your Zylast™ Hand Lotion now for a while and are pleased to report the success of your product.  Not only has Zylast™ been able to effectively combat the spread of infection, our staff has eagerly adopted the product.  Zylast™ acts like a soothing hand lotion for their often dry, over-washed hands.” 
- Ryan O., Atlantis Rehabilitation and Residential Healthcare Facility

“The hand sanitizers currently on the market are of very little use. Only Zylast XP™ can afford the doctor and staff up to 90% protection for up to 4 hours. Zylast XP™ should be in every treatment room and at the front desk in every dental office…To sum it up, Zylast XP™ is the Hand Sanitizer of choice for maximum protection"
- Joseph Schachner, D.D.S

“We at the Union Plaza Nursing Home strongly recommend Zylast™ Hand Solutions.  This product has been widely accepted as an improved handwash and soft skin lotion by our staff, thereby increasing the amount of time they wash their hands, helping us meet highly regulated infection control standards.”
Chariton R., Union Plaza Nursing Home