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ZylastXP is the only complete line of hand hygiene products, offering extended protection and reduced skin irritation at affordable prices.

About Us

Mission Statement

Innovative BioDefense is a company dedicated to relentlessly pursuing advances in hand hygiene and the highest level of customer service.

About Innovative BioDefense, Inc.

The company was formed in June of 2011 by a team of experts in the development and sales of medical devices. With a patented, revolutionary formulation that gives persistent antimicrobial kill while reducing skin irritation, IBD has developed the first complete line of hand hygiene products: Antiseptic, Antiseptic Lotion, Foaming Hand Soap, and Antiseptic Hand Wipes.

The Zylast™ products have the ability to change the landscape of the hand hygiene industry. Standard sanitizers protect the skin for only 15 seconds – the Zylast™ products are persistent for six hours. Perfect for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, cruise lines and businesses, the Zylast™ products leave the hands feeling smooth and moisturized. And they also save money for nearly all of our clients.

The company is also focused on spreading the benefits of our technology to those who need it most. IBD’s products are sold around the world, and donated in countries that cannot afford them. In a recent study in Kenya with 6,000 patients, the Zylast™ Antiseptic and Antiseptic Lotion were demonstrated to reduce the infection rate by 46%.

Truly a revolution in hand hygiene, Zylast™ products will soon be found in every major hospital and business in the United States and around the world.

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